Texture & Finishing Spray

Adds incredible, workable volume to dry hair
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5.4 oz / 200mL


For all hair types
  • Use for tousled, undone styles
  • Finishes and holds styles
  • Humidity resistant
  • High shine and medium hold

    How to Use

    Shake well.
    Hold can 6–10" away, spray on dried and styled hair to finish and hold desired texture.
    If nozzle clogs, remove and clean.

    Key Ingredients

    • Aloe Vera

      Has antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Also rich in vitamins and minerals leaving the hair and scalp healthy and hydrated.

    • Orange

      Antioxidants fight off free radicals and preventing hair damage. Contains vitamin B12 and vitamin E that helps in repairing damaged hair follicles.

    • Tangerine

      Stimulates hair follicles by unclogging scalp pores while also conditioning and moisturizing the hair.

    What's the Make Up?

    • Pure Orange, Tangerine & Cranberry Pear Lomatherapy

      Rich with Aloemoist Complex. Loma utilizes healing, organic ingredients and essential oil-based fragrances. We use only the highest quality ingredients and we are confident that our raw materials are clean and free of hidden hazards.


      We source, formulate, manufacture, and fill all of our own products!

      LOMA products protect, repair and rebuild the internal structure of hair.

    Nature + Science

    Did You Know

    A key practice with LOMA formulation is in addressing the needs of the hair through chemistry. LOMA products protect, repair and rebuild the internal structure of hair. We innovated the use of aloe vera gel in the salon industry. We infuse water with concentrated organic aloe vera powder, which creates the #1 ingredient in our products.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    Love all the Loma products I have tried so far!!


    Not enough stars!!! Love the the way Loma products make my crazy curly/wavy hair look, smell, and feel! I am addicted! I finally found my forever hair care!


    One thing thin fine hair can not take is static. It comes on the 2nd day, not the day I use it. I am also using the shampoo that is recommended for my hair, I do not think it is from the shampoo. I am sad had high hopes for these two products. The shampoo smells wonderful and fresh like citrus.

    Ellen Wilson
    Texture & finishing spray

    Love this product - works great on my fine hair.

    Disappointing customer service

    I have been using Texture and finishing spray for a number of years and I absolutely love it. The last can that I ordered was different, more like hairspray and sticky on my hair. I reached out to customer service and was told that they would send a replacement can. Over two weeks has passed and I have even emailed again, but no reply and no replacement can.. I love the product but am very disappointed with the customer service and the Texture and Finishing spray that was originally sent to me is not usable as far as I am concerned.