Do you have a question about LOMA?

What does LOMA mean?

The word LOMA is from 600 BC—400 AD, the Ayurvedic Time Period. This refers to a balance between mind, body, soul, spirit and health. Simply speaking, in the Ayurvedic Language LOMA means HAIR!

Why does my LOMA product look different than it used to?

Over the last several years we have evolved our processes and our equipment in order to provide the highest quality product possible. With this, we have evolved our image in effort to tell our story through the simple visuals in our packaging colors and look. The product is as good as it has always been, it’s just the packaging that’s changed! We are afterall, an innovative company and we want to stay relevant to our audience whether new or existing.

Why is there so much more in the LOMA ingredient labels than there used to be?

LOMA has become EU compliant over the last several years. That means we adhere to the strictest regulations, not just regulations provided by North America. It’s important to us to create non-harmful products, especially with continued research on the ingredients that go on our bodies. As the regulations change and new information is available, we will remain compliant to remain safe for you, your family and the environment.

What is LOMAtherapy?

This is a word we use to refer to the fragrances we create in our products. When you smell the Essential Oils, Natural Aromatic Ingredients & Aromatic Botanical Extracts, you’ll experience a sense of calm.

What makes LOMA different?

Quality in warehousing–our raw materials, formulas, bottles and caps are all handled with care by our in-house team in Monroe, Washington. We have a state-of-the art facility and we create in small batches so you know what you’re getting is as good as it should be.
Hand-crafted manufacturing–the quality of the formula is directly impacted by the quality of the ingredients. We use only the highest quality of raw materials, guaranteeing the quality of everything that comes out of our facility.
We do our own screen-printing–every bit of the process is done by our team, even the labelling! We take pride in guiding every step of our production.

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