Green Tea Hand & Body Lotion

Rich, vegan lotion with a natural, soothing fragrance
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Refreshing, energizing and moisturizing body lotion
  • Clean and crisp
  • Rich in organic aloe vera gel
  • Perfectly balanced nutrition
  • Soothing aromatherapy blend
  • Natural essential oils

How to Use

Apply desired amount onto skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Carrot Protein

    Antioxidant. Rich in Vitamins A, C, K, B-6. Promotes overall skin health.

  • Glycerin

    A vegetable base hydrator to the hair & skin.

  • Açai Berry Fruit

    Anti-aging benefits. Vitamin C and E. Moisturizing, revitalizing properties.

What's the Make Up?

  • fallback
  • Green Tea

    Our ingredients combine to provide strengthening, nourishing, moisturizing and protection. Naturally-based and completely vegan lotion and body washes.


    We source, formulate, manufacture, and fill all of our own products!

    LOMA products protect, repair and rebuild the internal structure of hair.

Nature + Science

Did You Know

A key practice with LOMA formulation is in addressing the needs of the hair through chemistry. LOMA products protect, repair and rebuild the internal structure of hair. We innovated the use of aloe vera gel in the salon industry. We infuse water with concentrated organic aloe vera powder, which creates the #1 ingredient in our products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tricia Nilsen
Excellent products

Excellent organic products. Their moisture shampoo and conditioner is the absolute best. They always have fast shipping.

Constance Slack
Great hand and body lotion

Over the years, I have tried numerous hand and body lotions, all claiming to have wonderful effects on numerous skin conditions, and sold at a variety of prices. Loma brand Green Tea hand and body lotion is a real winner! I have a problem with dry hands, especially in the fingertip area and around the cuticles. Cold winter weather can be a real problem, because my fingertips develop painful cracks. This winter, with the regular use of this lotion, I hardly had any problems due to severe dry skin of my hands. Instead, my hands felt soft and smooth. The green tea scent is gentle, not flowery, so even the men at my house are happy to use it. My son has dry skin problems, and I have seen him using this lotion a number of times. I know I will be buying more when my current supply runs out.