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Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioner

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8 oz.

For all hair types, especially fine and limp

  • Great on color-treated hair
  • Gluten and soy free
  • Instant detangling spray with sea salt to add texture and volume
  • Ideal on all color-treated hair types
  • Closes the hair strand cuticle which protects the hair and extends color vibrancy
  • Imports shine, moisture and volume

Did you know…

  • LOMA’s Leave-In Conditioner has a high aloe vera content which will leave the skin and scalp feeling fabulously smooth.
  • This Leave-In Conditioner is the ultimate conditioner for people who don’t normally use conditioner.

    Aromatherapy of Pear

    Key Ingredients

    Aloe Vera Gel – Organic healing and soothing properties.
    Benzyl Alcohol & Benzoic Acid & Sorbic Acid – Natural preservative system.
    Fennel Seed — Extends all hair color vibrancy by killing excess peroxide and ammonia residue left over after color services.
    Sunflower Seed — Reduces the fading of all hair colors and helps to repair UV damage.
    Panthenol - Vitamin B-5 that is derived from natural sources imparts moisture to the hair.
    Tocopherol — Sunflower based Vitamin E rich in natural anti-oxidants for protection of the hair and skin.

    How to use

    Spray on clean, damp hair or into dry, tangled hair.

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    What Makes Us Different

    Most professional brands don't make their own products, but at Loma, we source, formulate, manufacture, and fill all of our own products!

    • Nature + Science

      A key practice with LOMA formulation is in addressing the needs of the hair through chemistry. LOMA products protect, repair and rebuild the internal structure of hair.

    • Did You Know…

      We innovated the use of aloe vera gel in the salon industry. We infuse water with concentrated organic aloe vera powder, which creates the #1 ingredient in our products.



    Paraben, Sodium Chloride, Gluten, Soy And Phthalate Free. Sulfate-Free Cleansing.