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“I am so happy to have found your shampoo”

I am 46 years old with long thick curly hair that I have dyed since I was 21. My oldest daughter is 23 with long thin straight hair and my youngest daughter is 16 with long thick curly hair. The 3 of us LOVE it and LOVE the orange smell. Most of all we love how it makes our hair feel. Pretty amazing that we have 3 different hair types and that shampoo works wonders on it. I just wanted to thank you for making such an amazing product.

~Katie, Tori and Heather

“I LOVE the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner”

This is the BEST shampoo and conditioner I have ever used!! I LOVE the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. It has literally cured my scalp psoriasis and leaves my fine hair so shiny and full of body and volume - it is unbelievable!! I am a loyal fan of this product and have been spreading the word to everyone - thank you for creating such a wonderful product!


“My hair is healthier than ever”

I have NEVER loved a hair product more. My hair is healthier than ever, even after a few uses. The Smoothing Crème is essential for me to straighten my hair because of my natural curls. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


“I love Loma and stand behind its purity and integrity”

Loma has changed my life working in the salon and on set. The beauty and simplicity, from styling hair or keeping up the condition of the hair, is remarkable. I love Loma and stand behind its purity and integrity. P.S. the nourishing conditioner has cured several of my clients severe dry scalp. Thank you Loma.

~Laura, stylist at Seattle Style Salon

“Not only does it make my hair look good, my hair feels good”

Loma has helped my hair so much. I have very thick and dry hair, and it was damaged from heat and over use. My hair stylist used Loma on my hair once, and my hair life was changed. My hair was so soft and healthy; it hadn’t been like that in years. I was in shock of how soft, shiny, healthy, strong, and beautiful my hair looked. Not only does it make my hair look good, my hair feels good now. I haven't found a good organic shampoo and conditioner ever until I found Loma. Now, I use Loma every other day when I shampoo and condition my hair, and every day I receive compliments on my hair. Thank you for creating such beautiful products.


“I tell everyone I know with curly hair to try it”

I absolutely love your Curvy Crème hair product. I went through so many different hair products and none of them held my curls the right way and they always frizzed up. I then tried Loma about 3 years ago and it completely changed my life! I can go throughout my day and still have my hair look just as good as it did in the morning! I tell everyone I know with curly hair to try it when they ask how my hair looks so good.


“My hair feels like it's healthier than it's ever been!”

Love Loma products because they make my hair feel so soft, clean and overall HEALTHY. In fact, my hair feels like it's healthier than it's ever been! I have long, thick hair and constantly had have struggles with dry, dead ends, but honestly have been able to grow my hair out longer and easier and have healthier looking ends since using Loma.


“It is hands down our best seller!”

We have been retailing Loma for 7 years now and it is hands down our best seller! We have had new stylist join our team, and have never used Loma, and over time has become their favorite as well. Our clients love the way it makes their hair feel, and is very effective in so many hair types. We live in a small community and our clients love the price point of these products and makes them feel so good that they can actually afford high end products to make their hair feel and look great! 

~Holly, Stylist at Shear Bliss



Are you a Loma Lover?
Let us know what you think!

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