Scalp Health. What’s The Big Deal? 

Scalp Health. What’s The Big Deal?  - LOMA RETAIL

Jorilou Shampo |

When it comes to hot topics in the hair care community, you have certainly heard the buzz about scalp care. But what does scalp care entail, anyway? Is it truly all that important? 

The short answer is: yes. As a brand on a mission to provide you with useful knowledge on how to take care of your hair, your health, and the planet, however–we’re here to explain why. 

Why is scalp health important?

Don’t get us wrong, hair health is vitally important, but did you know that there is no such thing as healthy hair without a healthy scalp? 

Let’s unpack that. 

Of course, when we talk about hair health, we must consider natural and unnatural aggressors that can damage our hair. Whether this is bleach and color, sunlight, air pollution, or heat–ensuring that your hair is taken care of with nourishing, natural products are essential when it comes to battling breakage and combatting dry, frizzy locks. But the scalp is where overall hair health begins. 

Your scalp is somewhat like an ecosystem–it needs to be healthy to thrive. So a healthy scalp will have a healthy ph, which will, in turn, promote good cell turnover with the end result of hair growth and stronger, healthier hair altogether. 

We must also think of our scalps as we think of the skin on the rest of our body. A good amount of natural oils and sebum is imperative to the skin’s health–too much, however, can cause a slew of issues like dermatitis and dandruff, whereas a dry scalp can be a sign of psoriasis and other skin conditions. Both can be uncomfortable and a hassle to deal with. 

What is scalp care?

With all of this in mind, it’s time to put this knowledge on the importance of scalp health into motion. 

There are a few key steps when it comes to scalp care. First and foremost, you need to think about the kinds of products you apply to your hair and scalp. Gentle, all-natural products are the way to go. 

Here at LOMA, we are proud to use clean, organic products that can help aid in scalp care. Aloe Vera, a key ingredient in most of our products, is a prime example of an all-natural ingredient that can balance the ph of your scalp and promote overall scalp health. We also refrain from using harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, which can be damaging and lead to a dry, itchy scalp or worsen scalp conditions. Heavy products can also cause an excess of build-up and residue. 

This leads us to our next step: how often you wash your hair and how you go about it. Cleansing your hair of dirt and oils regularly is essential for a healthy scalp, too much washing can strip your scalp of its natural oils, however, and lead to dryness. In addition, using too much product at a time can cause build-up and result in the opposite. When shampooing, remember to emulsify the product between your fingers first and massage it into your scalp, which helps cleanse and promote hair growth. Always apply conditioner mid-length through the ends of your hair rather than the scalp to reduce build-up. 

Some additional ways you can work scalp care into your routine include exfoliating the skin on your scalp once a week, much like you might exfoliate skin on the rest of your body, looking into ways to care for your specific scalp condition, such as a scalp toner, and being conscious about what you eat as this can have an immense impact on our hair and skin health.