Don't Fear Our Fragrances!

Don't Fear Our Fragrances! - LOMA RETAIL

With many people trying to be more environmentally friendly and health conscious these days, “fragrance” has become a loaded word with a cry for people to go fragrance-free. But not all fragrances are created equal. Read on to learn about the different types of fragrances and why you should feel confident using the great-smelling Loma products you know and love.

Fragrances can be broken down into two groups– synthetic or natural. Synthetic fragrances can be made up of hundreds of chemicals, some of which could be harmful to your health. What’s worse is those chemicals don’t have to be listed on the bottle. Only the word “fragrance” needs to legally be listed, so you really don’t know what it’s made of. Because they are inexpensive, many companies use synthetic fragrances. But don’t worry– that’s where Loma is different!

At Loma, we are committed to your health and the environment, so we use naturally-occurring ingredients in our products. These ingredients are a combination of pure essential oils, aromatic botanical extracts and natural aroma ingredients. For example, the fragrance of our Daily Shampoo and Conditioner is made from the essential oils of orange, tangerine and grapefruit, and our Calming Crème’s aroma is made from a combination of 20 different aromatic botanical extracts.

Loma has also become EU compliant, which requires a higher level of transparency for products than the US. This means that we list any ingredient that the EU believes could be a potential allergen. 23 of the 26 required EU allergens are actually found in pure essential oils. This EU compliance strengthens safety for consumers, but is also not something that most US companies have, once again setting us apart. With Loma, you can rest assured that the fragrance ingredients we use are from natural sources. Because there will never be a synthetic chemical in any of our products, there is no need to get on the “fragrance-free” bandwagon with your hair.

At Loma, we awaken your senses with the highest-quality, safest and most amazing fragrances ever.

Love, Loma