Replay Our Digital Education At Loma Hair Care During Covid-19 Closings

Replay Our Digital Education At Loma Hair Care During Covid-19 Closings - LOMA RETAIL

With the simple swipe of a finger, stylists have access to the rush of digital classes that followed the closing of salons from COVID-19. Our team at Loma is inspired by the beauty industry’s initiatives to make education available online—it’s something we’ve launched in the past year to encourage a closer-knit community, and now it’s coming to fruition.

We’ve seen the connection between stylists and their clients grow even stronger during these tough times, and we know that these obstacles make us even more driven in our purpose and mission.

As many classes are available, though, it can be hard to navigate through all the postings! We understand, so we’ve compiled our Facebook Live education, located below, along with links to our other online educational resources, so stylists can have the education they need as they wait to reopen the salon after COVID-19 closings.

Loma Product Knowledge Videos

Loma Simple Science Videos

Loma Styling How-Tos

Facebook Lives

May Promotions With Rebecca Kegler

Deep Conditioning at Home With a Secret Ingredient With Rebecca Kegler

Conversations on our Daily Duo and Loma for Life Candles With Rebecca Kegler


How to Keep Hair Healthy With Everyday Heat Styling With Rebecca Kegler

Loma Violet Trio and Daily Trio With Rebecca Kegler

Loma’s Moisturizing Trio With Rebecca Kegler


Top 3 Loma Styling Products With Jeremy Scheifflee

As we navigate through this fluid situation concerning coronavirus closings, we hope you find this education helpful, and we look forward to seeing you in your salon soon!