Winter Hair Care Tips!

Winter Hair Care Tips! - LOMA RETAIL

Greg Arthurs |

Don’t leave the house with wet hair! Though air drying your hair is best, wet hair can freeze in the winter and break off when subjected to the harsh cold. It’s best to blow-dry before going out into the tundra.

Moisturize and protect with extra conditioning. Keep hair moisturized with regular deep conditioning and oil treatments. Use a lightweight treatment daily and a nourishing treatment monthly during the coldest times of the year. Applying Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment daily to ends will not only replenish moisture but will protect hair, and using Loma’s Deep Conditioner once a month will reinforce the hydration.

Shampoo less. Shampoo hair less frequently in winter. If you’re a daily shampooer, then you will notice an increase in dryness and static in your hair. In the winter, it is recommended to shampoo only two to three times a week to prevent hair from drying out.
If you really can not change the frequency of how much you shampoo your hair, we suggest using Loma’s Moisturizing Duo to ensure your hair doesn’t dry out. Give your hair the added moisture needed this time of year. You can even add Loma's Leave-In Conditioner to your hair routine. It is a light weight leave in conditioner perfect for those who shampoo daily or those with super fine hair that don't condition in the shower.

Keep a hair brush close at hand. For those with longer hair, be sure to keep up with brushing. With the dry air and cold temperatures, everyone is wearing hats and scarves—this means more knots and tangles. Keep a small hairbrush in your bag along with a travel size of Calming Crème to help get these tangles out, preventing winter breakage.