Green Gift Guide: Our Tips for a More Sustainable Holiday Shopping List

Green Gift Guide: Our Tips for a More Sustainable Holiday Shopping List - LOMA RETAIL

Kacy Rindal |

It’s that time of year again - gifting season, that is! Giving presents can be tricky, especially if you try to stick to an ethically-sourced, sustainably driven shopping list. Whether you’re someone who saves all their shopping for the last minute, or you only have those couple hard-to-buy-for friends left on your list, LOMA’s got you covered. We’ve gathered our top tips for a more eco-friendly holiday shopping list. 

1. Research the Company

These days the shopping markets are flooded with green-washed marketing and products. On the bright side, nowadays, we have the ability to research and fact-check just about everything. Whether it’s online or in-store, before you check out, do a google search on the company you’re shopping with to find out if their practices align with your lifestyle sustainability goal

People walking down market street, winter

2. Shop Local

Shopping downtown at all the local shops, where there is always music playing in the streets, and every light post is strung with Christmas decorations, is one of my favorite holiday season activities. Shopping locally reduces your carbon footprint by lowering pollutants from shipping, and it’s likely there was less waste generated from small-batch goods than those mass-produced. Besides the cheerful atmosphere, you know every purchase you make at your local shops is genuinely making a difference in a community member’s life. (Not to mention, you’re bound to find  all kinds of gifts you wouldn’t  be able to find larger retailers.) Not a fan of in-person shopping these days?  Call ahead to see if they offer curbside pick-up!

3. Electronics - Buy Refurbished

There’s always someone on my holiday shopping list asking for some sort of electronic device. Whether it be a new iPhone, headphones, or a TV, consider buying these items second-hand. Not only will it be cheaper than buying from Apple or Best Buy, but it’ll also reduce the amount of electronic waste heading to the landfill. Back Market offers tons of refurbished electronics that look and work like new!

4. Gifts that Give Back

If you’re looking to make your dollar go further than just your present, consider purchasing from brands that give a percentage of profits of goods to people and organizations that need it. Some of our favorites are:

  •  Conscious Step - Aside from being the perfect Winter present, each pair supports a different cause! 
  • NOISSUE - For all those side hustlers you’re shopping for, NOISSUE makes sustainable, customizable packaging with low quantity minimums. In addition to being compostable, recycled, and reusable, NOISSUE will plant trees in an area of need with every purchase.
  • Mini + Meep - Have little ones on your gift list? Mini + Meep specializes in toddler tees and onesies, and with each purchase, a meal is donated to a child in need.
  • Nordgreen - If you’re looking for a sophisticated and sustainable gift, look no further! Nordgreen creates beautiful men’s and women’s watches while giving back through three different causes – clean water, education, and rain forest preservation. 


gift wrap and bags

5. Reuse Gift Wrap

Quit throwing away your hard-earned dollars on gift wrap and bags. Seriously, stop throwing those cute holiday bags and tissue paper in the trash! Keep a box in the storage closet to collect all the gift bags you receive each year - yes, the tissue paper too, and even the good chunks of wrapping paper! - then, come next holiday season, you won’t even need to purchase any! Not only will you save tons of cash, but you’ll be reducing waste at the same time.  (P.S. This applies to birthday gift wrap as well!) 

6. Go the Home-Made Route

Stuck on what to get for your work, secret Santa, or the next-door neighbor? Sure, a Starbucks gift card is easy, but not exactly thoughtful. Use your talents to whip up something special. Besides showcasing some of your talents,  the extra thought and time put in are sure to be noticed. Are you a great baker? – Compile a cookbook of your favorite recipes, a semi-skilled sewer? – Upcycle those old sweaters into gorgeous mittens, or maybe you enjoy wood-working? – Carve a new cutting board or serving tray. We all have talents and hobbies; use the gifting season to show them off!

7. Products to Keep the Sustainability Going

No time for making or casually shopping around? Here are some of our favorite gifts to keep the green going:

  • Beeswrap – For anyone on your list that likes practical gifts! No more single-use plastic wrap.
  • LOMA Vanilla Collection – Body wash, body lotion, and candle all with vanilla and blood orange fragrances perfect for the winter season. And of course, all are paraben, sodium chloride, gluten, soy, and phthalate-free and never tested on animals!
  • Tree in a Box - For outdoor enthusiasts and plant lovers. Everything you need to grow trees from seeds!
  • LOMA Cranberry Hand Cleaner – The logical and most caring gift for the end of 2020. Keep loved ones, friends, and coworkers healthy with this naturally scented, moisturizing, and nourishing hand cleaner. The cranberry scent is fitting for the season enhanced with organic aloe vera and vitamin E. 

Happy Holidays!