Why We Love Farmers Markets (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Farmers Markets (And You Should, Too!) - LOMA RETAIL

Discover the best parts of your local farmers market.
There's nothing we love more than going out on a bright summer day to the local farmers market. Here are some things we love about them:

Fresh, Organic and Affordable Produce

We know how hard it is to find truly fresh and organic produce that doesn't break the bank. At your local farmers market, this kind of produce exists and it's easily accessible, plus it's free of any chemicals! That sounds like a win-win to us.

More Than Just Fruits & Veggies

There is SO MUCH MORE to farmers markets than just produce! A lot of markets sell freshly baked bread, organic honey, plants and more. You can find some unique homemade jewelry, organic makeup and skin care too.

Support Local Farms and Shops

Go local! Supporting local farmers and shops will support your local economy and help keep them in your community for years to come. Plus you can talk to the owners directly and ask them any questions about their products!

Discover Unexpected Treasures

Sometimes there is that one special tent at the farmers market that you just weren't expecting. From homemade bath bombs to adorable water color paintings that you thought only existed on Pinterest, you never know what you're going to score!

Photos were taken at the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market in Logan, UT. Grab a friend and check out some of our other favorite locations!

Love, Loma