We Love Using Loma Fiber Putty For Braids And Smoothing Down Dreads!

For those of you who have clients who get regular braids, twists and dread touch-ups, Loma Fiber Putty is a great product to implement into your services!

Using Loma Fiber Putty for braid applications will help give the hair both grip and slip making the application process a little easier and faster. Fiber Putty has a natural, non-glossy finish because it isn’t a “wet” product. This can be especially beneficial for twist and dread touch-up applications, meaning the client doesn’t have to sit under the dryer as long for the style to set. Fiber Putty has a medium hold that is firm enough to hold down flyaways, making it the perfect at-home maintenance product for your clients as well.

Fiber Putty could be used daily for touching up those little flyaway hairs at the base of the style. These tend to sprout out a few days after their service. Most clients don't shampoo their hair daily with braids, twists or dreads. Using Loma Dry shampoo and Fiber Putty will help with at-home maintenance. This also allows the style to last as long as it should while still looking great between visits.