Violet Shampoo Isn't Just For Blondes!

Violet Shampoo Isn't Just For Blondes! - LOMA RETAIL

Greg Arthurs |

What is Violet Shampoo?

Violet shampoos are meant to help tone unwanted brassy tones in blonde and grey hair, but not all violet shampoos are created equal! Many violet shampoos can dry out the hair leaving the hair needed masks and hair treatments regularly.

Most hair types that use violet shampoo are over processed bleach blondes, meaning they hair is already dry and damaged. This hair type needs moisture! Loma Hairs violet shampoo is sulfate, gluten and paraben free leaving the shampoo free if all the things you don’t need in a depositing shampoo!

So what makes Loma Violet Shampoo different than the rest?

Loma Hairs violet shampoo has an innovative blue-violet pigment to enhance blonde and grey hair while neutralizing yellow to brassy tones. Most violet shampoos just keep that true violet pigment, meaning it only will get those yellow pigments leaving any unwanted orange pigments remaining in the hair.

Loma's violet shampoo is very pigmented meaning that if you use it as an everyday shampoo true blondes will see their hair taking on a lilac color. Loma's violet shampoo only needs to be used once twice a week (ask your stylist for specifics on your hair color and desired blonde shade). This also means that you can mix violet with any other Loma shampoo to dilute the pigment if you are only wanting subtle changes to the tone of your hair.

Violet shampoo isn’t just for blonde hair!

Though violet shampoo is primarily marketed for blondes it can be used on brunette who want to cancel out warm tones in their hair. Many brunettes don’t like red in their hair and violet shampoo can help cancel out that red without having to color the hair.

If you have highlights and you are a natural brunette or base color is brunette with time your highlights can take on an orang-y or yellow hue. Violet shampoo will work to cancel those tones so your highlights look more like the original color you left the salon with. This way you can avoid going back to the salon as often saving money in the long run.