Power Of Pomegranates

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Greg Arthurs |

This superfood can keep you healthy both inside and out.
Though the weather outside can be frightful during the winter, your diet doesn’t have to be! While many fruits are thought of as summertime produce, one of the most nutritious ones is at its peak from October to February. The pomegranate can give you a much needed dose of sunshine during the winter. Here's why we love them:

Packed with Vitamins, Antioxidants and More

There is no doubt that pomegranates pack a nutritional punch that makes them a true superfood. Just one cup of these seeds contain:

7 gm of fiber
3 gm of protein
30% RDA vitamin C
36% RDA vitamin K
12% RDA potassium

They’re also high in vitamin E, folate and iron.

Rich in antioxidants, pomegranates have been proven to boost the immune system which defends against infection. They are also beneficial for skin health by hydrating it and causing regeneration of new cells that reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give a healthy, glowing appearance. The antioxidants in pomegranates are also linked to improved learning and memory.

Not Just for Eating

Pomegranates also have great healing and restorative properties when applied topically to the skin and hair. Just mix the seeds and juice with ingredients such as honey to make a face mask that will treat dull, dry skin and reduce roughness. It will also decrease acne inflammation and help protect the skin from oxidative damage. And for the hair, a pomegranate hair mask can strengthen hair follicles and smooth and condition dry, frizzy hair.

Along with the seeds, pomegranate peelings are also beneficial to the hair and skin. Just dry the peels completely and grind them into a powder to add to your facial mask to use as a scrub or exfoliant, and to your hair mask to help clean and condition the hair.

How to Pick the Perfect Pomegranate

Step 1: Look for pomegranates that are slightly squarish in shape
Step 2: Remember that the darker the color the sweeter the fruit
Step 3: Realize that the heavier the pomegranate the juicier it is
Step 4: Try to scratch the skin with your fingernail and if you can’t, it’s ripe

Once the seeds are removed, they are delicious alone or can be used to add cheer to any dish including appetizers, smoothies, salads, and even soups!

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the winter season by picking up this jewel of a fruit and keep your body healthy both inside and out.

Love, Loma