POV: You’re Scrolling Trying to Find Hair Trends for the Summer

POV: You’re Scrolling Trying to Find Hair Trends for the Summer - LOMA RETAIL

Jorilou Shampo |

POV: You’re Scrolling Trying to Find Hair Trends for the Summer

You’ve been scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for the last hour, trying to find the perfect hair fads, cuts, and styling tips to try out this summer. And then, you come across this blog. 

Here are six of our favorite trends to inspire your Summer 2021 look, from throwback styles to statement chops to trendy accessories. 


Curtain Bangs, Shags, and Blowouts, oh my! 

When’s the last time you got a blowout? How about the last time you had curtain bangs? A shag cut? If your answer is over two digits, or perhaps never, we have good news for you: 70s hair trends are back in full swing. That’s right, the grooviest looks this summer belong to curtain bangs, long layered shags, and, yes, blowouts.   


Our Texture Finishing Spray, Volumizing Foam, and Firm Hold Hair Spray are perfect for executing these throwback looks. 

Baby Highlights 

It’s not just the 70s making a comeback this year. The 90s have returned with a bang. Baby highlights are back in style. While we may remember Jennifer Aniston for her iconic baby highlights on “Friends,” stars like dancer Julianna Hough are bringing them back to the fashion forefront.

If you try out this style, make sure to grab some of our Violet Shampoo and Conditioner to keep those highlights bright as can be. 

The Bob

It’s hard to say if the bob ever goes out of style, but this summer, they are hot hot hot. Whether you’re here for soft waves like Kristen Bell, or pin-straight ends like Regina King, you really can’t go wrong. 

For waves and curls, our Curvy Creme will do the trick. And as for a straight look? A pump of our Smoothing Creme can tame the frizz. 

Pixie Cut 

What better time is there to go bold than the summer? So if you’ve been looking to make the big chop, now is your time. Pixie cuts are all the rage this summer—and there are so many ways to make the look your own. 

Once you’ve gone for a dauntless trim, you can have some fun playing around with different styling products like our Firm Hold Gel


There are so many different braids to try out this summer based on your hair type. Whether you’re looking for a simple, loose braid to get your hair out of your face, a protective style for natural hair, or a braided up-do a la Venus Williams, the options are endless. 

Our Creme Pomade is a braided look’s BFF. 

Statement Clips 

Some days, there just isn’t time to style your hair. Thankfully, there are plenty of chic ways to get your hair up and out of your way. This summer, statement hair accessories are here to make your life just that much easier thanks to the return of the claw clip and statement barrettes. 

And for those days when you’re in a styling pinch—don’t forget the dry shampoo