Natural Summer Hair Care

Natural Summer Hair Care - LOMA RETAIL

There are many aspects of our lives that change when summer rolls around. We swap out our wardrobes, spend more time outdoors–even change the foods we eat based on what is fresh and in season. If all these other aspects get a refresh during this time every year, shouldn’t our hair care routine, too?
Our hair has a whole separate set of needs in summer than in winter. From taming frizz to tackling oil build-up, here’s a look at the LOMA products that will keep your hair fresh and stylish all summer long.

Calming Créme

While we all love a nice switch to warm weather for a few months, no one can claim to like the humidity, and therefore frizz, that comes with it. That’s where LOMA Calming Créme comes in. This weightless product works as both a styling cream and detangling, defrizzing wonder. With built-in heat protection, this product is certainly a summer staple. Not to mention, it works double-time as an apricot and mango scented hand and body lotion when your skin needs a boost of moisture.

Violet Shampoo

Blondes, this one's for you. Did you know that your gorgeous, blonde locks are even more prone to brassy tones in the summer months? The intensity of UV rays during this time of year has the power to fade color and lighten hair, which in turn brings out all the brassy tones hiding underneath. To add insult to injury, many of us spend a lot more time by the pool in the summer months which, while fun, can turn blonde hair green due to the oxidization of the chlorine. So how do you prevent this?
Our Violet Shampoo is one of the most effective toning shampoos on the market today. An innovative blue-violet pigment works to enhance and brighten blonde and gray hair while neutralizing both yellow and brassy tones. Sulfate, gluten, soy, and paraben-free, this product is also an ideal cleansing agent and will keep your hair hydrated all summer long when used in conjunction with our Violet Conditioner.

Dry Shampoo

Goodbye to winter dryness and scalp irritation, hello to...summer oil build-up. Not to worry, the oil build-up that comes with spending more time outside in the heat is actually a pretty easy fix. LOMA Dry Shampoo is designed to quickly remove dirt and impurities from your hair making hair look, feel, and smell fresher, and longer. This is the perfect product to use between wash days and contains some amazing ingredients to boot. Rich is Aloemoist Complex, our Dry
Shampoo also contains rice and tapioca starch as a natural absorption agent.

Leave-In Conditioner

This last product does it all. Great for all hair types including those with color-treated hair. LOMA Leave-In Conditioner is a summer must-have. Let’s break down all the different ways this product can help you out. Our Leave-In Conditioner is an instant detangler and contains sea salt to impart texture and
volume to limp locks. The all-natural hair science in this product also closes the cuticle layer, which protects hair from heat, UV rays, minerals found in salt and fresh water, and chlorine. It does this all while extending color vibrancy and offering beautiful shine. Spray on damp or dry hair and that lovely pear scent will be your new summer signature.