Men Use LOMA Too!


Greg Arthurs |

Men’s styling many believe to be pretty simple, and it can be. Today’s trends are leading in a direction where men are starting to care more about their hair than women!

So we are keeping our trends down to 3 basic looks that seem to be popping up all over the world.

The basic mess:

For the men on the go that want it to look like they put in some effort this morning. We recommend to you the basic Fiber Putty “rough it up look”. You take a pea-size of Fiber Putty to start. Rub it in your hands till smooth. Then, mess up your hair. Simple and easy. Add more product as needed for those guys who have a ton of hair.

I hate my hair in my eyes:

Now we move on to the “I hate it in my eyes” look. Grab your Fiber Putty, take a dime size and rub it in your hands until smooth. Then push your hair back and rough up your hair, adding some product at the root of your hair. Comb with your hands or brush depending on how textured you want your style to look. Add more product as needed.

My hair must stay all day:

Now for the main event, we have the “My hair must stay all day” look. This style is for guys who want to take the extra 10 minutes to do their hair in the morning. Take a dime size of Loma Firm Hold gel, and apply to wet or damp hair. Blow-dry your hair the way you want it to be styled. If you want your hair to have a part, be sure your hair is parted before you start to blow dry.

Blow-dry your hair in the direction you want it to go. Once your hair is dry you will feel it has texture to it. Apply Fiber Putty to smooth out and complete your style. Layering these products will give your hair a long-lasting style that you won’t have to touch up.