Little Girl Styles For Busy Mommas

Little Girl Styles For Busy Mommas - LOMA RETAIL

Greg Arthurs |

This is for all of the busy mommas out there who love to put those cute braided pigtails in their little girl’s hair. It looks perfect before you bring them to school. Then they come home and it looks like they stuck their finger in an electrical socket - we understand!

Grab your Loma Fiber Putty. After sectioning their hair add a dime size, or more depending on how much hair they have, and emulsify in your palms. Then apply to both sections of the hair and comb it through making sure it is evenly distributed. Doing this will smooth out their hair, giving their baby soft hair some grip. Then braid away!

Fiber Putty will add a little more hold and structure to their braided style, making their pigtails last a little longer. Fiber Putty will also assist in taming some of those baby hair fly-aways that tend to make their way out through the day. You can finish off with some finishing spray and off to school, the little Loma Lover goes!