Let Loma for Life Rebuild Your Nighttime Routine

Let Loma for Life Rebuild Your Nighttime Routine - LOMA RETAIL

No more hitting snooze because you didn’t get the restful night’s sleep you needed.

5 out of 7. That’s how many days a week I hit the snooze button. (Usually more than once if I’m being honest.) Anyone else guilty? Well, we aren’t alone. In a study done by Sleep Junkie, majority of people hit snooze at least once.  Needless to say, this slow and negative start to the morning does not lead to an energized and productive day.

The upside, there’s lots of room for improvement, and it all starts with your nighttime routine. Set yourself up for a successful day the night before. Try these tips from Loma to transform your nighttime routine.

As 8pm rolls around, it’s time to start winding down. Start by running yourself a warm bath. (This is my mom’s favorite trick to help her fall asleep faster.) Relaxing in a warm bath will help relax your muscles and release all the tension that’s built up in your body throughout the day. Try adding a few drops of Lavender essential oils in the water to help reduce stress even more. If a bath is not your style or you just don’t have time, a hot shower can have similar effects. And don’t forget to wash up with Loma body wash! 

Now it’s time to put your electronics to bed. It’s important to schedule a bedtime for your screens that’s earlier than your own. According to the National Sleep Foundation, using devices that emit artificial blue light before bed throws a wrench in your body’s circadian rhythm which helps your body know when it’s time to sleep. Start out by quitting the electronics just 30 minutes before you plan to go to bed. Each week try putting them away 15 minutes earlier. Think of all the time you’re getting back by not scrolling through Instagram! Try reading a new book or these night time meditation tips from Sleep.org.

Lastly; give yourself 2 bedtimes. Yes, yes, you are an adult now and bedtimes are for children. Or, are they? Instead of planning to go to bed at 10:30 and not falling asleep until 11 or later. Set your 1st bedtime 15-30 minutes before you want to physically be laying in bed. Use this time to prep your lunch for the next day, brush your teeth, exfoliate and moisture. (Psst - Don’t forget to hydrate your lips with Loma FRESH Lip Balm!) This way, you actually make it to bed on time for once. And since you took a calming bath and reduced your stimulation you’ll fall asleep faster and reach that deep sleep sooner.

Now that you’ve got some tricks to shake up your nighttime routine, you’ll be sleeping soundly and waking up refreshed, ready to tackle the day!