Hair’s Knight in Shining Armor - LOMA Dry Shampoo

Hair’s Knight in Shining Armor - LOMA Dry Shampoo - LOMA RETAIL

Is there still anyone out there who could survive without dry shampoo? I mean, it really is the knight in shining armor of hair care products. Coming to hair rescue, fighting off grease, kissing life back into flat locks, and letting me live my day happily ever after.  But a lot of products in the market are hiding lots of harmful chemicals and practices behind their helmets. But at LOMA, we’ve stepped up the standards. Check out the top benefits of LOMA Dry Shampoo and see for yourself why this knight stands above the rest:

1. Instantly Removes Oil


No more worrying if you’ve got a grease spot hiding on the back of your scalp. Rice and Tapioca starch work together to quickly remove dirt, excess oil, product residue, plus other impurities. Amino acids in the rice also help to coat the hair strand and correct damage, leaving you with stronger, shiny, clean hair.

2. Makes Styling Quick and Easy 

Get fresh, styleable locks in seconds. The matte finish will keep roots looking soft and clean without weighing hair down.  This dry shampoo boosts body and has a light hold without the use of damaging heating tools or cakey hair spray. 

Quick Style Tip - After applying the dry shampoo and brushing it through, try twisting the hair into a low bun and secure with a scrunchie. After about 30 minutes, remove the scrunchy for effortless, loose, bouncy waves.

3. Non-Toxic & Non-Harmful

At LOMA, we believe the best hair care products not only give you healthy, beautiful hair, but also contain only top-quality ingredients without causing harm. We source, formulate and manufacture all of our own products, and never include any formaldehyde, gluten, sulfates or parabens, and never ever tested on animals. 

4. Rich in Aloemoist Complex 

Aloe Vera is packed with fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins A, B12, C and E which aid in strengthening hair from the follicle. It even helps break down fats and strips hair of excess oil while also providing sun protection to prevent breakage and maintain shine. 

5. Clean Look, Feel & Smell in Seconds

Save time in those busy mornings and skip hair wash day without worrying about embarrassing greasy roots. Just spray and massage or brush into the scalp for instantly revitalized locks that are ready to be styled. Plus, the essential oil-derived fresh pear aromatherapy scent will have everyone fooled you only dry-shampooed.

Are you ready to rescue your hair? Compiled from only the cleanest, healthiest ingredients, LOMA Dry Shampoo takes expectations of hair care products to the next level because everyone deserves to have sustainable, safe, environmentally-friendly and highly effective hair care - Yes, you too! Start expecting more from your products with LOMA. See more about our Dry Shampoo and how to use it on our website. 

by: leslie berlin, guest writer