Green Summer Vacation Destinations

Green Summer Vacation Destinations - LOMA RETAIL

Pack up your suitcase– it's time for a new adventure.
There’s no better way to shake off the winter blues than with a green vacation! This year, instead of taking the family to a typical tourist trap, check out some place off the beaten path. Whether you’re craving relaxation on a beach or in the mountains, here are three eco-friendly destinations that offer plenty of adventure, activities and environmental sustainability.

Logan, Utah

Located in the Cache Valley, Logan is a picturesque, mountain-fringed town in northern Utah that strives to keep their beautiful valley sustainable. It's the perfect destination for anyone with an adventure-loving spirit who wants to avoid the crowds of a larger mountain city, but still have an experience of a lifetime!

Why it's cool:
Many cafes and bakeries use organic, locally-grown ingredients to produce fresh, healthy food and help support local farmers.
Tourists can hop on one of Logan’s fuel-efficient busses for free.
Logan has a no idling ordinance to cut down on greenhouse gasses.

What to do:
Hiking: Wind Cave
Mountain biking
Horseback riding
Summerfest Arts Faire
Cache Valley Gardeners' Market

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

If relaxing on a beach is more of your vacation vibe, book a trip to Hilton Head Island and stay on the Sea Pines Resort which is known as America’s first eco-friendly resort.

Why it's cool:
Large amounts of land are designated as permanent nature preserves.
There's a sign restriction ordinance so you can better enjoy the natural landscape around you!

What to do:
Miles of pristine beaches
Dolphin cruises
Arts Center of Coastal Carolina
Coastal Discovery Museum

Lake Placid, New York

Although New York City might be the vacation capital of the East, there’s a scenic and peaceful hidden gem just upstate. In the heart of the Adirondacks, Lake Placid is one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

Why it's cool:
It's part of New York’s Climate Smart Program.
There’s an environmental organization called The Wild Center, where visitors and locals can learn how to reduce their carbon footprint.

What to do:
Scenic railroad tour
Explore mountain peaks
Discover crystal clear lakes and waterfalls
Historic theater and ballet

So this summer, keep your travel green and try some place new for adventure that regards taking care of the Earth as much as you do. And remember to bring your Loma travel-sized products along with you!

Love, Loma