Extra Firm Hold Hairspray Has Entered The Chat

Extra Firm Hold Hairspray Has Entered The Chat - LOMA RETAIL

Finding the perfect hairspray is no easy task. Sometimes, you think you’ve found the ideal, lightweight styling product: it smells amazing and doesn’t leave any build-up, but at the end of the day, that “maximum strength” label does hold up and the style you spent the better part of your morning routine working on is left filled with flyaways and beat by the heat. On your next try, you might find a hairspray that lives up to its firm hold reputation, come to find out it leaves your locks with a stiff, tacky texture and takes more time to wash out in the shower than it did to style your hair in the first place. It can feel like endless trial and error to find the hairspray that is just right. The good news? That process is about to become a thing of the past. LOMA Extra Firm Hold Hairspray has entered the chat. 


Our new Extra Firm Hold Hairspray is all about bold hair care for bold looks. A maximum hold product, this hairspray ensures intense volume, courageous control, and bright shine. 

Similar to our Finishing Spray, which is perfect for a firm yet flexible hold, the Extra Firm Hold Hairspray will lock down your look without excess build-up or flaking. An expert at taming flyaways, this product is humidity resistant, and sure to keep your intricate up-dos in place and volume in check no matter the occasion.

Not to mention, this product is free from that ultra-chemical smell so many hairsprays are known for. With the Extra Firm Hold Hairspray’s floral melon aromatherapy, you’ll be excited to use it each morning for the scent alone. 



So what else sets this product apart from the rest? For starters, we believe in naturally inspired, organically infused hair care that skips harmful toxins and chemicals like parabens and sodium chloride. Our Extra Firm Hold Hairspray is no different. Rich in Aloemoist Complex, an aloe-based staple of many of our products, includes pure, organic plant extracts, oils, and key vitamins—you can work the Extra Firm Hold Hairspray into your daily routine guilt-free.


Our Extra Firm Hold Hairspray is an aerosol product that provides a smooth, controlled spray pattern that won’t disturb your hairstyle, nor will it leave you with that age-old, “over-sprayed” texture. 

To apply, simply shake the product and hold it approximately eight inches to one foot away from your hair. Mist the product over your finished style to lock in your look. 

For valorous volume, utilize the product by spraying it between the layers of your hair at the root to capture a bold bounce. 


When it comes to styling with Extra Firm Hold Hairspray, the opportunities are just about endless. From achieving voluminous tresses to tight up-dos, there are so many ways this hairspray can help. Here’s a little bit of hair-spiration to get you in the mood for some chic styling.

Very Vintage: 


Fierce Fullness:  


Say Up-Do:


Hi Pony: