Autumn Beauty Tips

Autumn Beauty Tips - LOMA RETAIL

Autumn is a time of transition, not just for Mother Nature, but also for our bodies. As the leaves are turning and temperatures are dropping, your hair and skin can dry out. Jeremy Scheifflee, Artistic Director at Loma Hair Care, shares some easy and beneficial tips to prepare for the dry weather ahead.

Tip 1: Start the Habit Early

“If you know you will suffer with dry skin and or hair in the winter, start applying your products proactively. Don’t wait for the skin to crack or the ends of your hair to dry out before you start.”

Tip 2: Use Loma’s Nourishing Oil Treatment and Fortifying Reparative Tonic

“Carry a bottle of the Nourishing Oil Treatment or Fortifying Repairative Tonic with you. Put it in your car, purse, school bag, wherever. Every time you see that bottle, apply some to your hands, then rub your hands through the ends of your hair. As you can see, this is one step that hits two points and you really can’t over do this. If you start in November you will notice a dramatic improvement all winter long, plus the essential oil fragrances are perfect for hair that has been under a stocking hat all day!”

Tip 3: Use Loma’s Calming Crème for More Than Just Hair

“I’ve discovered that Loma's Calming Crème has an amazing ability to keep my hands untouched. Especially in the winter, I go Calming Crème crazy! Every client gets some and my hands get a ton! I no longer suffer from skin cracks around my nails and fingertips, and my clients love the results of it in their hair. This is another one that can be kept with you. I keep a bottle in my car. A little on the hands then my hands in my hair- it’s a no brainer!”

So remember to start the fix before the problem arises, use good-for-you products like Loma and get them on the hands and in the hair. Your hair and hands will thank you all winter long.

Love, Loma