Aloe Vera Based Face Masks And Scrubs You Can Do At Home!

Aloe Vera Based Face Masks And Scrubs You Can Do At Home! - LOMA RETAIL

An Aloe and Lemon mask can help naturally brighten your skin as well as brighten dark spots on the skin and lighten acne scars. Leaving your skin looking brighter and clearer after just a few uses. If you don’t have lemons there are many other citrus fruits to choose from such as limes or even grapefruit!

An Aloe and Honey mask can help those suffering from dry skin during this very dry time of year. Aloe has some amazing anti-inflammatory benefits that help with puffy dry skin. Honey has some anti-microbial and moisturizing properties of honey that make this mask a wonderful treatment to smooth and calm your skin. For fun aromas and added benefits add turmeric, milk and rose water to your at-home concoction!


An Aloe Sugar Scrub can help moisturize, smooth, and brighten your skin. Sugar can help you achieve the clearer skin you’ve been looking for. The gentle abrasion of sugar granules helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores. Sugar is also a humectant, meaning it helps by retaining or preserving moisture in your skin. If you want to turn amazing scrub into a mask just add some milk or cream to the mix allowing for additional hydration and toning to your skin. 


An Aloe and Lemon Scrub smooth, brighten and moisturize your skin. Lemon helps keep skin looking more even-toned by helping fade out scars, tan and is even known for boosting the body’s immune system. You can add sugar for those with dry skin, but for those on the oily side add some salt. Salt helps to deeply cleanse your pores and balance oil production naturally. This helps immensely with those prone to breakouts and acne.