3 Ways To Use Loma’s Deep Conditioner

3 Ways To Use Loma’s Deep Conditioner - LOMA RETAIL

Greg Arthurs |

Loma’s Deep Conditioner is unique from many other treatments out there. This one-of-a-kind, intensively hydrating treatment is used in three different ways.

Deep Conditioning Treatment
Conditioning treatments are suggested by many salon professionals every four to six weeks to ensure hair is getting the moisture it needs. Seasonal damage, as well as salon services, are harsh on the hair, and regular deep conditioning treatments ensure that hair is getting the moisture and proteins it needs to stay healthy.

Loma Deep Conditioner
Texturizing Styler
Most texture stylers don’t look like a deep conditioner. However, that’s the amazing thing about Loma’s Deep Conditioner. Add a small amount to damp hair and blow-dry, and experience instant body and texture. The volumizing properties of this product makes it incredibly unique. (Image by @blisshairandskinstudio on Instagram.)

Cleansing Conditioner
Cleansing conditioners are used by those who have very dry hair. Strengthen and repair damage while removing product buildup, leaving your hair feeling soft and clean.

Deep Conditioner and Loma for Life Body Wash
This 100% silicone-free moisturizing treatment is perfect for all hair types and is chocked full of natural moisturizing agents such as Baobab Fruit and Creatine.

Baobab Fruit is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, anti-allergens, and has anti-inflammatory properties. This amazing fruit moisturizes both hair and scalp and has natural UV protection.
Loma Deep Conditioner Contains Baobab Fruit
The Creatine in this conditioning formula allows for the hair to instantly rebuild its internal structure, making the hair stronger and softer, naturally.

Using these key ingredients, along with Loma’s Aloemoist Complex, ensures hair stability and hydration with naturally based ingredients, allowing the hair to heal without plastic and wax buildup getting in the way.

Loma’s Deep Conditioner is unique for its versatility and amazing ingredients. To learn more about Loma’s Deep Conditioner, reach out to your local Loma salon or distributor.